broken pencils and dirty erasers,
scratched books, crumpled papers,
messy ink marks, scattered pens,
indecipherable letters from trembling hands.
lately, no one understands.

the cold wind hugs the dawn,
drizzles sprinkle then it goes on,
the sky begins to show its wonder,
like how the lightning precedes thunder.
lately, nothing seems better.

a word begins with a thought,
an ounce of ideas suddenly caught,
thunderstorms are usually set,
as a pouring rain was once a droplet.
lately, nobody sees it.

blood and sweat are spilled on the battlefield,
cry out loud and seek a powerful shield,
when tears seem to flow endlessly,
never surrender just let it be.
lately, there’s still hope, maybe.

be brave and bold, do live nobly,
someone loves you unconditionally.
have I told you that lately?

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