engraved within him is a mysterious name,
which somehow resembles a lovely dame.
like scars painted without a hint of shame.
which led him to ponder, what is this game?

maybe it was destiny, or it could be fate.
they met at a moment that was out of date
right there on an unexpected rendezvous
he was left dumbfounded, without any clue.

at an instant when his eyes laid upon hers,
a strange comfort creeps, like questions without answers.
but she was an addiction, an absolute distraction.
consuming his attention, savoring his imagination.

a mysterious name engraved within him
is indeed a dame, so proper and prim.
lively and fresh, a blossoming bougainvillea,
no maiden is as fine as Bella Donna,
the sole reason behind his nirvana.

Bella Donna

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