her smile brings light, it brightens the mood.
her eyes sparkle, a million words exude.
she’s full of beauty, reason, and finesse.
she knows her worth is never meant for less.
but dearest Elise was in distress.
how long can she keep a facade of happiness?
when she is all alone and lonely,
she mourns because her heart is empty.
something is missing from deep within.
she is longing for something unseen,
for dearest Elise is lost in the ocean.
she is a prisoner of a certain notion,
caged and trapped in her imagination,
trying her best to escape from the motion.
dearest Elise will soon be free.
she will be one day, someday, maybe.


30 thoughts on “DEAREST ELISE

  1. By the title I immediately had to think about “Dark Elise” or “Für Elise” by Beethoven.
    And that the dark tones can turn so dark, that it might make Elise cry.
    Or that beautiful sounds might find their way into her heart and fill it with joy.
    Embracing her imagination, instead of shattering it.
    Making room for a symbiotic harmony between the imagination and the once so empty heart.
    Letting them fuel each other with hope and dreams to become true, rather than shattered dreams and long forgotten once.

    Gray on white on black or gray and dirty mud.
    Until the flowers grow and make it a field of joy again.

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